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An advocate for the arts through volunteer service and fundraising...director of script development forum and artists' round table for greater NY area artists...Chef and sommelier wanna-be,  barre & yoga addict...can be found on a random Saturday night playing pool at Georgie's in Asbury Park!


Now a proud SAG-AFTRA, AEA member with credits in film, stage, new media and commercial and educational productions, the adventure began in the 90's...

Started as a singer/songwriter gigging in requisite Lower East Side dives, then gravitated to acting when an agent friend of a friend saw potential. Because it's much harder than it looks, some training was required, but eventually credits (and even an award!!) began to accumulate along with another new objective:  To direct and create original stories. 

The most recent, "The Red Gucci Bag," premiered in The 2019 Golden Door International Film Festival. Directing experience extends to "Desperate Hostess," a short film for Wine Spectator Magazine, and stage productions including The Joshua Tree (Samuel French Festival), Smiles to Saturn (Planet Connections) and The Other Day (Blueberry Pond).

Day job, you ask? Improv skills  are gainfully employed in mock trials, videos and classes at Fordham Law School,  to play a wide range of roles from expert witnesses to dirty cops.

And still singing! With "Cabaret Sauvignon," an a cappella quartet appearing frequently at music festivals and venues, galleries, and private, corporate and public events.

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