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GENTRIFICITY, a series about an aspiring female real estate developer, an arts organization, a restaurateur and a 12-year-old boy, all seeking to cope with or capitalize on rapid gentrification in Jersey City. When unmitigated competition compromises profitability, the consequences can be devastating, even deadly.

ROGUE, a post apocalyptic series about nuclear reactors and the female physicist who competes to solve the ultimate energy crisis for the two surviving colonies that remain on earth in 2040, where life is in the fast lane to extinction.

COVERAGE, a psychological thriller. A recent MBA grad lands a killer job at a health insurance company in DC. Caught off guard by the dashing young president of Washington's highest rated hospital, her career conviction still proves strong enough to chase a suspicious trail of emails. But as corruption unravels under her nose, can she blow the whistle without losing her life?

The Red Gucci Bag


Amidst rapid gentrification in Jersey City, a displaced artist lashes out at a bougie woman with a red Gucci Bag.  Premiering in the Golden Door International Film Festival, this short film plays with the uncomfortable consequences of gentrification, attempting to inspire a dialogue about how to mitigate the displacement of families and artists while advancing the positive effects that development brings to the city.

Cabaret Sauvignon


Assembled at the dawn of the a cappella craze, Cabaret Sauvignon offers unique arrangements of popular tunes from the 1940's to Top 40 today, as well as their own a cappella originals. They also wrote and performed their critically acclaimed "Mysterious a Cappella Murder Cabaret" on Manhattan and Jersey City stages. 

With a wide selection of seasonal favorites, this group perks up any party, municipal event, festival, fundraiser, product launch, gallery exhibition or milestone event.


ROGUE, The Short Film (in preproduction)

After the Final War of 2030 and a long nuclear winter, life on earth is on the fast lane to extinction. Nuclear physicist Julie Garou believes she can save the planet with a fusion reactor, but after her program is rejected by the board of governors, she defects with a subordinate and tries to find a sympathizer. Ultimately there is no choice but to place trust in Nadege Hilaire, an ex intelligence officer hailing from Haiti with her own agenda...